Mohammed Murtaza Lashes out on Sheikh-ul-Alam, calls them Unprofessional , Abusive & Demands Public Apology – Team Boycotted-

PRO SPORTS·SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 Murtaza in an interview with Pro Sports :

They say that for a great battle to take place, you need two worthy opponents. And sport is no different either. Sportsmanship is exemplified by mutual respect and indulgence in the game in a manner that shows honor and pride.
At Kashmir United XI we try our best to play cricket as a sport, with the highest degree of of sportsmanship instilled among our players. And for that very reason we see our opponents with the respect that they truly deserve.
But recently we were involved in a game that put the very values that we follow, and that everyone should pursue, to shame. Name-calling, Slandering, Abusing was focused more upon than the game itself.
Our opponents showed more interest in the off-field dirty tactics rather than focusing on the play itself.
Unfortunately we came across a lot of people (who we don’t want to name out of morality) who stooped down to the level of personal abuses, and forgot that we had relations that existed beyond the game.
That was a behavior, highly deplorable by its very nature, and we as a team condemn it to the fullest. We have come across several allegations in the media after the match, regarding our lineup, our combinations, our tactics, but we would like to assure everyone that our focus (unlike others) is strictly on the game and we intend to put up a good show in the days to come.
Regarding the abusive behavior that we faced, Kashmir United XI as a team has decided to boycott any matches against Sheikh-ul-Alam cricket club until and unless they come up with a public apology for their actions.

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