Top News – Iffi Mir Transfer to SHR Dubai Hawks Confirmed – Another Star Player Transffered – Transfer Window closes 1st Oct

One of the KSL top Player and Kashmir warriors best batsman Iffi Mir accepts transfer to SHR Dubai Hawks. Zubair Shah Confirmed Pro Sports today evening that the players has confirmed his bid to Dubai Hawks and will join the team on Saturday ,playing his debut match against SUCC.
This is the another breaking news and most sensational news so far in the history of Kashmiri cricket league starting 7th October. Dubai hawks has acquired most of the star players into their side and this will certinaly help fan following and increase in number of spectators watching the matchs. Mahfooz illahi , Sakib Shah ,Junaid Shah , Iffi mir ,Muneer and Majid are few names which add to the list. Zubair shah has put lot of efforts convincing the players and making full use of the transfer window which closes just before the start of Kashmir cricketing season in UAE.

Iffi mir
Zubair shah told , it has been tough and lot of hard work finalizing the players and approaching them for transfers. The loyalty of the players towards their respective clubs has been a challenge but proper perks and team popularity has made it easy for them to get good transfers into the side.

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