Kashmir Strikers Turn the Heat On – Super Thursday KS VS DH – Naseer Hazari Taunts Dubai Hawks as Underdogs –

Kashmir strikers are all set to clash with SHR Dubai Hawks tomorrow 8:00 Pm at Hamriyah. Kashmir strikers will be all set to make it 4-0 against SHR Dubai Hawks. Fasahat Shafi told us the team is all set to make it 4-0 and they are playing to win all the 4 matches against the most overrated team in UAE. The match would be a practice game for all players before entering the mega event from October 7th. Kashmir strikers opening game of the season biggest tournament is on October 7th and against same SHR Dubai Hawks team and they want to enter the tournament with positivity and pressure against the opposition. This game would be very important for both the teams before entering the DAT20 tournament important game on October 7th.
The match is all set to be electric and electrifying as both the teams have a history of some clinch moments and historic rivalry . The moments which both teams have lived through have made the contest between the side more exiting be it Dubai Hawks Loss to Kashmir Strikers in the First Quadrangular Series Finals or be it the moment Dubai Hawks beat Kashmir Strikers in Quadrangular series 2 which lead the exit of the team from the major tournament. The sides have been even in major tournaments but strikers have always had an edge over the team.

Moin Qazi – Stone house real estate
Sponsors will keep an eye on tomorrows match , its a matter of prestige and publicity which sponsors aim at and this match has all the spice needed to make it a mega game. Mr. Moin qazi said, he believes in his team and he is confident he has put his money on a better side. Cricket is an unpredictable game and you can just expect a good game of cricket and hard-work from the boys. winning and loosing is a part of any sport and which sponsor would hate his team win
Inayat Fazili – Cricket activist and Director Kashmir Board of Cricket, UAE Expat Community Said, I am impressed with Kashmir strikers and the way they take their cricket seriously but i will put my money on SHR Dubai Hawks not because Mr. Moin is a good friend and in relation but because i believe in the boys. These boys have come long way in performance and hardwork. I have seen mahfooz bat and i am personally his big fan of batting and i want him to win tomorrow.
Kashmir strikers Team of Super Thursday Clash :
Lala Nadeem Umer mir Fasahat Imran Sajad shawl Nasir khan Umer shah Aun Amor shah Amir shah
Some key players for strikers and Hawks

Fasahat Shafi
Fahasat Shafi is the right arm medium pace bowler for strikers and has a sea of experience playing professional cricket and leading a team in a pressure game. His bowling will be an advantage for strikers and his presence leads to motivation in the side. His debt economical bowling has won many matches for strikers. Fasahat is also a great fielder with safe pair of hands and has helped his side save many runs in crucial games.
Mahfooz Illahi , an aggressive powerhouse of batting. He has been a key factor in Dubai Hawks recent wins and all eyes would be on his batting tomorrow.
Mahfooz said he is confident about his side and they will win inshallah. Boys are performing well and we have a young energetic side who can do wonders on a given day.

Imad Rehman
The most consistent and accurate bowler in the history of UAE Kashmiri cricket. He possess some great skills to upset any batsman. Imad has performed well in recent games and has been economically consistent taking wickets and giving breakthroughs in his opening spells.
His swing on a given day can upset any opposition and kashmir strikers would be aware bout that and will play safe against his spell.

Nadeem & Lala
Nadeem and Lala have been the top performers of strikers with a century in last game in Nadeems belly and 3 wicket hall for lala. Nadeem is a consistent performer for strikers and the batsman is in a good form. Lala on the other hand is the master of swing with the new ball. His is unplayable on his given day and dubai hawks will play safe against his bowling.

Zubair Shah – Dubai Hawks
Zubair Shah has been in a great form in last few games with the new ball swinging it both ways. He has put opposition with his accurate bouncers and out swings Zubair said he is confident about tomorrows game and inshallah we will win..
Sakib shah would be under a lot of pressure since its a big game secondly sponsors and fans would be keeping a close eye on tomorrows match. Sakib had some shaky starts in last two games but could not convert them into big scores.
Sakib shah is a great batsman and technically strong and he has contributed alot for team dubai hawks in recent months. A consistent batsman and a good captain. Taking responsibility as a captain has affected his game a little bit if we agree on critiques because handling a star team like dubai hawks is not easy.
X captain Lanker once said , ‘its not easy to handle stardom’ and lanky could not and he was evacuated
Pro sports wishes best of luck to both teams and let the best team win

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