Iffi Mir – | Team SHR Dubai Hawks |

Iffi Mir is certainly a cricketer par excellence. To be honest, when his career came to my notice, I was a bit confused. How to describe him? I was trying to write about his cricketing skills and history, but it turned out that he was a competent sportsperson overall. He has proven his mettle in one of the other popular sports in Kashmir, Volleyball, (being adjudged the best Volleyball player in the state of Jammu and Kashmir), and even captaining the state on numerous occasions.

Now as a cricketer his record is impeccable. He has represented the state on countless occasions, but even when playing on the highest platforms, he never lost connection to his base, the local cricket arena, from where he actually started.
When he moved to UAE, he was one of the few Kashmiris who took an initiative to play cricket on a professional level here. Whether in the UAE or back home, his record is full of laurels. Over the course of his career (which is still at its peak) he has scored 14 centuries and 36 half centuries. Out of that 11 centuries and 21 half centuries have come in UAE alone.
Currently he plays for Dubai Hawks, and has had the privilege to lead the Heritage Club (Now Kashmir Strikers)
He proudly represented Khanyar Kings, in the previous edition of Drehomes Kashmir Super League, scoring 101 (Not out) and 74 in the two games he has played so far.
In-spite of all his achievements, he is a very humble person with a pleasant personality. With the way he is going, I’m sure his opponents have to double up their strategizing efforts, because he surely is a force to reckon with.

(Article by: Mirza Taha )
Page : Pro Sports

Current League : #DAT20 #KSL #KKS


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