Mahfoo illahi |Team SHR Dubai Hawks|

“Mahfooz Illahi, The man with a golden bat”

If we had to describe Mahfooz Illahi’s innings of 184 against the Tral Tigers last year September in one word, it wouldn’t be wrong to term it as an “Assassination”. Why not, the 184 came in just 76 balls. We all heard about his great innings and this is one of my favorites. But what makes a player great is that such performances are not a highlight of his career, but a milestone that has to be crossed in order to achieve a new one. Same is the case with Mahfooz. This innings is just a feather added to his wonderful career. Just to give an overview, he has 16 centuries in India and 50+ half centuries. In Dubai he already has scored 4 hundreds and in well on way to score many more. He has played in every registered tournament in Jammu and Kashmir, and has taken the field and played with and against veterans like Abid Nabi, Pervaiz Rasool, and Samiullah.
Instrumental in the previous two innings in KSL  for Lalbazar Lions, he certainly is the one of the pivots around which their batting revolves.
With two consecutive Man of the Match awards to his name, he is a force to reckon with in DAT20 Blast 2016.
Seeing his performances and decimation of the opponent teams I wonder, why not give him the title of Mahfooz “The Assassin”

(Article by: Mirza Taha)


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