K.C.C (Kashmir Cricket Club) Soon to be Launched in Dubai | New Addition in Sponsored Cricket |

In conversation with KASHMIR CRICKET CLUB

We are in the process of establishing a new club under the sponsorship of Park View Towers LLC.

The main stake holder of the team is Mr. Nasir Khan, Who has shown keen interest in promoting new talent. In addition our co-sponsors are H.M enterprises.

So we have already shortlisted 12 players and are looking for fresh faces to play for our club. As we have identified you as a potential platform to find new players plus media publicity and we would like to have you as our media partner.

The club name is K.C.C (Kashmir Cricket Club) and would be captained by MR. Furqaan Rasool ,Vice Captain: Mujeeb Rehman and Media Managers: Amir Riaz,Nadeem Hamdani.

In addition Team Jerseys would be launched shortly only after finalizing the 15 man squad .




    1. Kashmir cricket club under the sponsorship of lake view towers is looking for cricketing talent across UAE . kashmir cricket club has started its cricketing activities already and is looking for fresh faces for registration you can email them on : kashmircricketclub 11@gmail.com


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