After the first successful season of KFL in 2016, rumors are KFL Season 2 might be in news soon

After the first successful season of KFL in 2016, rumors are KFL might be in news soon and all updates related to this most awaited super league will be brought to you by pro sports 

 KFL was successfully started on 22nd April 2016 and continued till 3rd June 2016. Wular Warriors became the first team to win the KFL SEASON 1 and won the hearts of thousand Kashmiris across UAE and GCC.

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 The concept of KFL was initially simple to bring the whole Kashmiri community together through the medium of sports but the league gain  much popularity within the early days of inception & the popularity rose among the local expat community, soon the league turned out to be a super league with fan following across local expat community living across many nations. The matches were covered using social media sites like Facebook. The KFL Facebook page within no time gain over 4000 followers following the tournament and cheering for favorite teams. The most important feature of KFL which gained the attention of followers was the Team names  were chosen very thoughtfully. The team names were taken from the famous tourist destinations of Kashmir with the main aim to promote Kashmir tourism.


KFL 2017 Speculations:

Their is no confirmation on the KFL2017 format which is likly to happen in January but likely scenario can be predicted on the basis of first season.

  1. Their are chances of not more than two Non- Kashmiris players to be included in the teams , the trend which was followed in KFL Season 1 where players from India, Pakistan ,Canada ,Philistine and more were seen playing ,can also be included in the season 2 of KFL.
  2. The duration of the mega event is more likely to be of 6 weeks depending on the no of teams participating.

Participating Teams Likely to be

  1. Aharbal Dragons 
  2. Gulmarg leopard
  3. Jehlum Rangers.
  4. Wular Warriors.    
  5. Dachigam Beasts
  6. Zabarwan Unicorns

The teams would be likely distributed in two pools and finals would be held between top two teams

Kashmir Football League Season one has showcased some great talent lets see below some of the few players who participated in KFL Season 1

Name : Shoaib Shah
Team : Wular Warriors
Position : CF
For him winning is not everything , it is the only thing. Second highest goal scorer in KFL. From losing 7 – 1 in the first game to reaching the final , the stage is set for this legend13330940_1007430412697193_5804029661128514403_n

Name : Mujtaba
Team : Wular Warriors
Position : CB
His screams will echo , sending shiver down the opponents spine.13335940_1007422309364670_4285043335325724500_n

Name : Umer Mir
Team : Gulmarg Leopards
Position : Forward
The golden boot. The goal machine. The poacher. He is ready to smash that net.13319723_1007400499366851_2092362072156846840_n

Name : Salman
Team : Gulmarg Leopards
Position : CM

Many call him the magician. Running the show , slick and stylish. The engine of GL. The final is his stage and watch him perform miracles.13269262_1007364359370465_6057757233345948746_n

Name : Zahid
Team : Wular Warriors
Position : RWB
What a journey it has been for this man.13319833_1007324586041109_2199827213527855645_n

Player name : Musadiq Ali
Team : Wular Warriors
Position : Right forward
Musa has been on and off due to ankle injury. The player will be key in the final tomorrow having scored the winner against Leopards in their last clash.13319895_1007314719375429_6212642345529519728_n


KFL Season 1 Final Gets Kashmirs Prominent News Paper coverage

13256342_1004195576354010_6013100595312056133_nWe are

Kashmir Foot Ball League Managements Facebook Post on 28th May – |Proud Moment |

we are not a big league with big players…
Just a bunch of people who like to play football….but the support we have got from our people…has made us extremely emotional…
We just hope that one day all the people supporting us can actually buy season tickets to watch us play and cheer for us and many young players get a chance to perform and take us to next level…
As the journey draws to a close…a humble thank you to everyone who has supported us..
Who knows , maybe the next global superstar comes from KFL….
Thank you and good wishes to one and all..


KFL Season 2 is likely to be much bigger than KFL Season 1 and whole Kashmiri Expat community is waiting for the mega event to start ,till the time it really starts “KEEP CALM AND LETS WAIT FOR THE BANGRA TO BE ACTUALLY ON “



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