Mohsin Mutto Latest Sensation From Kashmir Selected For Peshawar Zalmi Club WC (PSL) – Dubai

Mohsin Mutto from the Indian Occupied Kashmir will play Peshawar Zalmi Club World  Cup. Mohsin impressed everyone with his skills during the trials held at UAE. Henceforth, the talented player was selected for the club matches.

The emerging player expressed his happiness over his selection and vowed to show excellent performance in the tournament.

The decision to hold a club level world cup event was announced by Shahid Afridi in a message posted on Twitter.


Mohsin is presently in Houston, Texas  for the  2XCricket tournament starting from 9th November, the USA 2XCricket Cup will have eight teams participating in it, teams will feature international players from all the top cricketing nations

The 2XCricket, or Two 10 Cricket, is basically a T20 game but will be played in a span of four innings with all basic rules of Test cricket applying to it.


Explaining the format, the  organizers told Pro sports that 2XCricket has got the magic of oldest format – the Test cricket and excitement of T20 cricket and it is going to spice the game further.

“Of the two contesting teams, one would bat for the first ten overs followed by the other team for next set of ten overs, and then first and the second team will follow the second innings respectively,” the organiser explained.

“Each of these four sets of 10 overs will be considered as an innings, and will include all the flavors of Test cricket, from follow-on to innings defeat,” he explained.

But, unlike Test cricket, where one need at least 200 runs lead to enforce the follow on, in 2XCricket the follow-on margin would be 50% of the runs scored by the team in the first innings.

The organizers have also roped in former Pakistan captain Aamir Sohail as chairman of the rules’ committee of the tournament.

The tournament, 2xCricket, will be played in Houston, from 9th to 13 November and each team will have players from USA, India, Pakistan, Nepal, England and West Indies.

“The total winning prize of the tournament is $60,250”, said the organizer.


Mohsin Mutton old Interview from Kashmir Super League Dubai

Mohsin plays for Chinar United and Falcons  for Kashmir Local club in Dubai and has already participated in major kashmiri tournaments across UAE.


Team of Pro Sports wishes Mosin Good Luck for the future tournaments 


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