| Big Game | Are Kashmir Strikers Playing For Revenge -UC VS KS Today

Kashmir Strikers loss to SHR Dubai hawks last night has put the team position in danger for qualifying to the finals of DAT20 Blast. They will face United Chinar today at 9:00pm.

Kashmir strikers released a post on their official Facebook page today  -The message is simple ,loud and clear , “Dont write us off ,we will take our revenge “

Revenge from whom ,Dubai hawks – The message is intended to the rival team dubai hawks who had an easy victory on strikes last night.Strikers had been dominating hawks since last 6 games and the loss has stroked them hard after a good performance in the tournament. All six wins have become meaningless with this loss forcing the possibility of exit in the tournament.

The loss to Dubai hawks has hurted their reputation and position in all important ,prestigious Dubai Autumn T2o Cricket tournament which is the race towards the Top kashmiri cricket club in UAE.  All 6 major Kashmiri clubs have participated for the top position and dreamed themselves champions at the start of the tournament but only the best managed to win the race to the top. Today’s match is going to be the epic battle to fight the might dubai hawks in the finals.Kashmir strikers have made it clear they are not playing to win today’s match but unleash their wrath upon Dubai Hawks in the finals.

Time will decide soon who will enter the mega finals and lift the prestigious DAT20 Trophy


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