Kashmir strikers term loss to Dubai Hawks as “Major Stroke “ out of DAT20 Blast

It was the worst weekend for Kashmir striker players losing back to back games first to SHR Dubai Hawks and then to United chinar. Losing to arch- rivals Dubai Hawks was termed as” Major Stroke “on their Facebook Official Post. The disappointment to the team came after losing to the Hawks in the first Eliminator of DAT20 BLAST. Critics has termed the game between Hawks and chinar as the battle for supremacy because on papers Strikers and hawks were likely to battle it out in the finals. Hawks played as under dogs but came out champions at the end of the day

Kashmir strikers term loss to Dubai hawks as Major Stroke 

Strikers were likely to win the game on Friday after scoring 150 + runs in a pressure game. Strikers possessed a quality bowling side with the likes of Younis Lala , Shabir Bhatt ,Umar Mir and Fasahat shafi  but to the surprise of many the score was chased only in 13 overs. United Chinar gave a good hammering to the opposition as a result of which strikers faced an embracing loss. Kashmir strikers known for its strong cricketing reputation and also acts as a role model club for many players which has won many Kashmiri tournaments in UAE had to exit the DAT20 blast with a disappointment.

The representatives blamed Dat20 management for the loss due to back to back eliminator games. According to the reports the club representative said, they lacked the availability of the key players in the match. The momentum was lost with the previous game loss  as a result of which players did not had the time to regroup and play the next challenge.

Kashmir strikers is believed to be back with a blast and many changes are expected to be in the team. New young talent may also be given a chance to play for the club. Time will tell how strong the team will come up in future game but as the legend says, an injured tiger is more dangerous and aggressive on its prey.

United Chinar are now the second finalist and will face the Mighty Hawks on Friday 18th for the epic race to be the best Kashmiri club in UAE.



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