KFL SEASON 2 Dubai |Selectors Meet – Intensity , drama and a new favorite| Transfer Window closes

Dubai the land of remarkable surprises brings you yet another reason to remain excited and pumped up for next two months. Its the Desi Event in football on Foreign soil ,Kashmirs own Sponsored  Football league kicking off in December 2016 UAE.


Silicon Oasis Headquarters building witnessed massive buzz on Sunday as KFL selections took place with the whos who of Kashmiri community.

It was not an normal routine day this time for many Top Kashmirs Business Expatriates in UAE as lot of pride and excitement was on stake since it was the selection of KFL Players season 2 and closing of Transfer window. All stake holders adrenaline was on rush to acquire the best of Kashmiri players in their teams.Team managers and captains along with certain sponsors participated in the event.

Khalid wanai (Aharabal Dragons ) with Mr. Moinn Qazi (Hawks )

Wular Warriors, Aharbal Dragons and Gulmarg Leopards retained their top players but the show belonged to Sonmarg Stallions who emerged as clear favorites for the league.

Major transfers

  • Muqeet Baba (Current Captain BITS football team) takes up captaincy for Aharbal Dragons with Khalid Wani acting as player manager.
  • While Pahalgham Rangers will be led by goalkeeper Zayd Pandit and danish paul leads the line for sonamarg stallions with mudasir ali shah as team manager.
Umar Mir and Mudasir Mubarakh for Gulmarg Leopards discussing key players

Wular Retained

  1. Shoaib
  2. Mujtaba
  3. Umair
  4. Ibkar
  5. Musadik

Aharbal Retained

  1. Ozaid
  2. Muqeet
  3. Khalid
  4. Rujlan
  5. Shahid

Gulmarg Retained

  1. Umer darial
  2. Umer mir
  3. Mudasir
  4. Mamoon
  5. Salman
  • Jibran Mantoo (Former biscoe player) has been declared Team manager by Zabarwan Hawks while veteran Aijaz Ahmed will lead the line.
  • Zain Pandit (Former Aharbal captain) and Ramadan (Palestinian football player) to Pahalgham Rangers
  • Sarib Qazi (Professional rugby player to Zabarwan Hawks )
  • Mehroz Shah (BIT football player) to Sonmarg Stallion
  • Pawan Rebinal (Bangalore) to Sonmarg Stallions


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The tournament begins in February and is expected to go on for six weeks. Pro sports will keep you posted on more news on Kashmir Foot Ball League Edition 2 ,Dubai 2016


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