IMRAN MALIK IN NEWS JUST BEFORE PSI KSL 2 AUCTIONS TOMMROW , Says conduct prize ceremony for Team Buherkadal Badshah’s this Thursday

It’s all happening in POWER SOLUTION INDUSTRIES KSL SEASON 2, just before two days to player actions, Imran Malik captain Buherakadal Badshah’s have told to conduct the prize ceremony for the team since it’s no need to waste time and money as the badshah’s are winning the KSL SEASON 2.

This was a taunt to all the sponsors before the game to give a strong message across that Bohrikadal boys are going to come strong on other downtown teams.

In an event last night the Badshah’s also released their team anthem song which is in native Kashmiri language and has already created a buzz across Kashmir Downtown and UAE

The KSL SEASON 2 Auctions will start tomorrow at 7:30 pm UAE time and the atmosphere in all the teams’ management camp is already of high intensity.

12 teams are participating in the event and the Power solution industries KSL 2 teaser has already been launched on the official PSI KSL FACEBOOK PAGE which is impressive work by Naveed Siraj.

Downtown teams which have already created a buzz in the market including Buherakadal are Nawhatta Rebels ,Lal bazar Lions,Razekadal and Safakadal.


PSI KSL 2 is going to be interesting post auctions when friendly matches will be started showcasing the team strengths and rivalry as excitement is already sky high with many sponsor interviews and fan videos floating out.


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