|KSL – How To Survive Week 2 |Dachigam Hanguls Khanqah Hamdans & Lal Bazar Lions to Face Music This Weekend

week 2nd Fixtures

The most exciting weekend for cricket lovers in UAE awaits you as seasons biggest 7 cricket games are on cards. Kashmir Super League has become more exciting that ever and we are now into week 2nd of the tournament. Till today all teams are open to qualify for quarterfinals but this week will decide which team will go how far in the tournament.

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Rajbagh Royals ,Safakadal Stars ,Soura Qalanders and Buherkadal Badshah remain the top 4 teams of the tournament. These teams will have less pressure playing their second games. Dachigam Hanguls ,Khanqah Hamdans ,Lal Bazar Lions and Nowhatta Rebels will be under slight pressure as they have lost one game each and a loss in one more game will put the qualifying chances at stake for all the teams.

The games to watch this weekend would be Dachigam Hanguls vs Khanqah Hamdans and Lal Bazar Lions Vs Srinagar Sultans.Dachigam Hanguls and Khanqah Hamdans both have lost one game each and its a must win situation for both teams. The tournament has a long way to go with 6 more weeks of play and 4 more games but every captain and franchise owner would like to see their team in a comfortable position as the league progresses.Its would be a battle of nerves for both the captains (Amjad Khan and Adil Lanker) The sides are equally balanced ,winning and loosing will be decided as which teams handles pressure better.

Iffi Mir’s (C) Lal Bazar Lions are facing their first toughest challenge in the tournament ,playing mighty Srinagar Sultans. Srinagar sultans are the favorites on papers for weeks  game and in-fact rated as the strongest side in the tournament , sultans have lot to prove in their first game. Ajaz Bakshi has some good players in the side but at the end of the day its a game of unpredictable cricket and on the given day even the mighty have tasted the dust.

Naseer Hazari’s Razekadal Superheros are playing their first game in the tournament against Pahelgam panthers . A lot is said about Naseer’s team , holds the most expensive player ( Ubaid Lone ) and much is expected out of this team. Naseer’s has been the veteran players and around for a long time. He has played enough cricket to led his side to the glory. Pahelgam Panthers on the contrary are playing as underdogs in their first game but who knows what these pathers are up to in their dressing room.

So their is lot to watch this weekend in Kashmir super league edition 2 and this week.



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