Virat Kohli Calls Australian Team Cheats, Steve Smith Apologises

Virat Kohli’s expression and first reaction after Steve Smith was dismissed lbw on the final day of the Bangalore Test, could well rake up the next big cricket controversy in International cricket.

The Indian skipper was livid at Steve Smith after the Australian skipper was caught nodding to his dressing room and seeking advice on whether to use the team’s last remaining DRS review for himself.

Virat went running to the umpire to report the incident, Steve Smith walked back to the pavilion. But that was not the end of the story.


Despite a 75-run turnaround victory for his team, Virat’s first few sentences in the post-match press conference were about the Aussie team regularly seeking the dressing room’s help. This apparently had not been the first time he had caught the visitors asking the dressing room.

I have seen it twice while batting. I have seen their players looking upstairs (dressing room). I told the umpires, this had to stop. I don’t want to mention the word but it falls in that bracket. Virat Kohli

Asked if he was accusing the Australian team of cheating, Kohli retorted, “I have not said that either but I would never do something like that on the cricket field.”

His counterpart though tried his best to douse the situation. Steve Smith shrugging off the incident as ‘bit of a brain fade.’


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